Guardarropa: – WOLF.

I received this cute bag-Louve courtesy.
Clicking here you can visit your page and see all models.

I got this lovely bag courtesy of -Louve.
You can click here to go to their page.

7164590866ph Calo Pippilota

As you can see I have new look, I cut my bangs!

As you can see I got a new hair cut!

Guardarropa: FLORAL SHIRT

I found this shirt at a fair for 15 pesos (about $ 4) and I could only see the popular thinking celine flowered shirt copied so many brands and bloggers all bought.

I found this shirt at a flea market for less than 5 dollars. Very similar to the Celine’s floral shirt, one of the item of the season

7005158866ph Cal Pippilota

Guardarropa: UNION FLAG

I received this sweater courtesy of Sheinside, the material is divine and super warm. You can buy it through this link

I got this sweater from the lovely people of Sheinside. The fabric is really soft and warm. You can buy it here.  

ph Cal

I want to clarify the sensitivity of the issue, I consider that the flag of the United Kingdom (Union Flag) has become something pop. Dress reminds me a little of those T-shirts / shirts / flannels of The Ramones who use people who are not able to hum or 2 songs from the band or Che Guevara that are bought in chain stores owned by corporations. I mean, I’m not making a proclamation that do not believe in borders, flags and patriotism, I am a citizen of the world, a remix of races and cultures.

Guardarropa: NEW PARK

My old parka needed to retire, I bought in London for my first winter seven years ago and since then I have used every winter that I have touched (had rest seasons spent in Caracas). There are many cute travel memories and live together but it was time to buy a new and a little bit longer.

My old parka needed a retirement after 7 years of great trips a memories. I found this one at Asos.

7112664551ph Calo Pippilota

Parka is Vila from, Urban Oitfitters shoes and bag, Zara dress, Asos collard


I’ve been looking for a coat / jacket / denim jacket but big and masculine, because all he found were cortitas and notched. At last I found in a thrift store, just what I was looking for, is made with different shades of denim, and I loved that as a plus internal pockets are perfect (I’m a freak of pockets, I love clothes with pockets )

I was craving for an oversized denim jacket and I finally got it! 
I found it at a thrift store like new! 

6936189108ph Cal

Jacket and shirt are thrifted, Jeans are Material Girl Collection, hat form Urban Outfitters

Girl Crush: TATI Cotliar

7074221419Foolishly thought I had done a Girl Crush Tati Cotliar post but when I realized that it was not, I rushed to do so.

Argentina Tatiana is a model studying film when discovered and quickly consolidated opening the show A / W 2011 Marc Jacobs and campaigning like Vivianne Westwood and more recently the Mulberry and Prada. Has modeled with the largest worldwide and is common in face covers and editorials.

His style is authentic and genuine me. Tomboy but rather colorful. They note who is not afraid to colors or prints and does not care trends.

Argentine fashion model Tati Cotliar was a film student when she was discovered. She opened the Marc Jacobs Show and has been the face of Vivienne Westwood, Mulberry and Prada among others.

Her style is tomboyish but colorful, it seems authentic and fun.

photos from The fashion Spot